Mulch not only enhances landscape beds with an eye-catching cover of material on barren soil, it has several benefits, such as making bed upkeep simpler while bettering the health of landscape plants.  All American offers professional mulch installation in a variety of colors to suit preference and aesthetics.

Most vegetation requires frequent moisture for appropriate development. A mulch layer in landscape beds retains soil moisture longer than bare soil.  Mulch also works as a protective cover for the soil, so its temperature shifts more gradually. Mulch that is laid in the spring or initial summer months keeps the ground cooler for extended periods of time.  As temperatures decline in autumn and winter months, the mulch layer permits the ground to hold heat.  Mulch also serves as a weed barrier.  Although vigorous plant growth can reduce some weed development, a layer of mulch stifles even more undesirable weed growth in the landscape beds. Mulch inhibits sunlight from getting to germinating weeds, so they do not grow.  Organic mulch, such as wood chips, decompose over time. The decomposing mulch contributes nutrient-rich organic matter to the soil, enriching the soil for enhanced plant growth.

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