Plant Spotlight – Annual Coleus

No longer considered just a shade plant, annual coleus plants are simple to grow and now come in a wide variety of sun and heat-tolerant selections causing them to be trendy options for several areas including landscape beds and container plantings.  Coleus exhibit audacious yet gorgeous foliage making them stand out in any setting, shade or sun.  While Coleus have an extraordinary gamut of natural colors, plant breeders have gone above and beyond with selections including hot pink, chartreuse, and near-black.  To make it even more curious, Coleus have been bred with stripes, splotches and venation to add texture and uniqueness to the plant.  They come in a variety of shapes and sizes and while Coleus are non-toxic to humans, the sap can cause minor skin irritation.  To inquire further about how All American can incorporate this versatile and textured annual into your landscape beds or containers, call the office at 402-408-0000.